Monday, April 2, 2007

SUFFUSION Begins With Collaboration

Before Suffusion came collaboration. “Gradually the faculty has been giving away more and more responsibility for the production of the show to students,” said Sharon Butcher, HSU Assistant Professor and Artistic Director of the spring concert. “ Last year we had mostly student choreographers running the show. We have that again this year, but it goes beyond that. Now we’ve come so far that our older students are teaching the younger ones about the different responsibilities, how to get the rehearsals organized, all the production details-- everything that needs to be done to get the show ready.”

Much of this work was done in a production class taught by HSU Professor of Theatre James McHugh.

The collaboration extended to creative decisions. “Our student choreographers and dancers met with student scenic, lighting and costume designers and together they came up with a vision for the show,” said Butcher. “This is a tremendous opportunity to learn, on all levels. So the students have acquired a lot of independence and autonomy in this show.”

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