Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Dances

by Erin Fernandez

“Saraswati” is the Hindu Goddess of water and unity.

Dancers: Lindsay Bond, Emily Claypool, Jenn Coats, Aleka Mesaros, Brianna Powers, Rebecca Rubenstein.

Music: Headlock by Imogen Heap
Costume Design: Rae Robison
Lighting Design: Joseph Castro

Bodies in Order
by Patricia Leister

I am riveted by the work of modern dance but find it hard to marry the reality of concert dance with a desire for everyone to love dance and own it. How is dance split into series art vs. play, and do these aspects collide?

Dancers: Kevin Lynn Dockery, Patricia Leister, Jerri Sweeney.
Music: Untitled by Brendan Otto.
Costume Design: Rae Robison
Lighting Design: Andrew Schnell
Film: Simone Atkison
Editing/technological wizardry: J.T. Johnston

Engaging the Source
by Janelle Mitnick

We live in a time when the source of life is not being appreciated: water is a miracle running through the veins of the earth, fortifying it to blossom and breathe. We are of that presence and need to bow our heads to the powerful teachers within.

Dancers: Lindsay Bond, Nerissa Castilleja, Megan DuVernay, Maria Meyer, Janelle Mitnick, Brian Sholes, Katie Small, Kendra Staton.

Music: Palms Down Urban Drummers, DJ Cheb, I Sabbah
Sound Design: John Howard
Costume Design: Genneveve Hood
Lighting Design: Joseph Castro

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